How Much Fun You Can Expect from the Call Girl

If the call girl wants to take a shower, if you have already taken one, do it anyway, you can invite her to come with you, it can be a nice foreplay. If it doesn’t come with you, take your money, keys, and phone with you, and always have them on display. She could take it all and go. No paranoid either, an escort who has good reviews on sites, will never do this sort of thing.

To get to the heart of the matter, instead of asking her directly for the sexual act, you can play it more subtly and say to her: “Do you feel like making yourself comfortable?” Visit for the best result.

Sex with the escort, even if you are shy everything will be fine

Generally in the ad you have seen what the escort was doing, if she does not practice bareback, that is to say without a condom, plan to use condoms (even if the escorts generally have them). Some escorts may ask you, by phone what you want or even specify that she does not practice sodomy, or that it is possible, but in extra ball, that is to say with extra

  • Once in bed, be passive or active, but do not worry this is a professional, if you do not do anything, it will take you in hand and guide you to the 7th

You won’t need to seduce her to get her to drop her underwear. If you want to play her active, you can make her a cuni, generally men seek to give pleasure to escorts to hear compliments and especially moans of pleasure. We don’t want you to take your hopes away, but know that there is a great chance that she will fake it, but in the moment you won’t realize, the escort will make you look like the best lover in the world and you will be super satisfied and excited at the same time that’s what you are looking for too.

Last Words

On the other hand, try to remember if she does not practice the ICD (ejaculation in the mouth), at least at the time of the report you have no doubts about the limits. On the other hand, in the act, never cross the limits defined at the start. When making an appointment by phone you can also ask her if she practices DFK (French kiss supported), 69 or PSE (porn star experience)