Quarantine and Your Best Times with the Cam Sex

The mandatory quarantine modifies practices and behaviors to such an extent that even having sex as a couple is limited in their daily lives. So influential for relationships is the total and mandatory isolation (only with the promise of a gradual and trickle relaxation), that the Government has taken the post to the point of providing advice on how to practice safe sexual activities in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rising Questions

It is that there are many questions that arise in the intimate field from the confinement with the consequent social distancing. And there are several answers that can be found when searching the web for information and researching the best ways to cope with these days of sexual abstinence.

  • Despite the renewed fame gained by the quarantine, the truth is that sexting has been practiced for a long time, driven by the rise of social networks in everyday life. Although there is resistance in some social sectors to implement it due to the individual vulnerability that it implies, since the erotic material that is shared can easily leak and become viral.
  • Virtual sex or cybersex is nothing more than having sex at a distance, without being touched by another person and using technological equipment (mobile phones, webcam, video calls) or online platforms (adult pages, sex forums) to be in contact with others. The goal is to indulge yourself during sexual activity through visual and auditory stimuli generated by another user.

Practice of Virtual Sex

Virtual sex can be practiced with anyone in the world through the internet, making video calls, visiting websites or through mobile applications specialized in erotic games with the free camgirl.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, by requiring citizens to stay at home, governments around the world such as Argentina have expressly recommended to their citizens, through the Ministry of Health, to resort to virtual sex as a way to prevent coronavirus infections. You can also do sexting, an activity that consists of exchanging erotic photos and videos through instant messaging, although all possible precautions must be taken so that sexting is safe.

Last Words

Many health institutions have recommended this practice to people who do not live on the same property, such as boyfriends or husbands who live in different cities or have long distance relationships. The goal is for users to have a moment of self-pleasure, each one motivated by the actions carried out by the other through the mobile, but safely. They can also turn to visual entertainment for adults like PornHub, which has released free content in Spain during the quarantine, but many prefer to do it in company.